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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Barn ( wait for it ) ey !

Read up on my Idol!

Hey guys, hope your enjoying the blog (as much of it as is on till now!). Just thought that if we’re putting up stuff abt HIMYM (that’s what avid fans know How I Met Your Mother) it would only be appropriate to guide you people to another brilliant webpage which is a must visit for everyone with a sense of humour. Yes, I am talking about Barney Stinson’s blog!!

For those of you who haven’t already visited it, or don’t watch the series, I urge you to just go through the blog posts.. (it’d make one hell of a Sunday afternoon read)

There are many online, but these two are by far the funniest ones. Take time to go through both.

That’s all for the moment.. Oh n like he always says,

Im Awesome! ;)


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